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Lunch Rules


  • Students should walk while in the lunchroom.
  • Students should not use any electronic devices during lunch.
  • Students should keep hands, feet, and personal items to themselves.
  • Students should follow lunchroom procedures by eating their own food and refraining from throwing or playing with their food, napkins, and utensils.
  • Students should use an inside voice when speaking with their peers and adults.
  • Students should follow all instructions given by adults and be respectful to all.
**Additional rules may be added dependent upon the needs of each individual elementary school, grade level, or classroom.
Procedures for the lunchroom and consequences for when they are not followed are created at the building level and per the principal/designee’s discretion.
All Hamilton Southeastern Elementary Schools follows the same general guidelines with respect to the school lunch program.  Parent/guardians should refer to Food Services on the HSE website for additional information on all lunchroom policies 
Parents are invited to eat with their child any time after the first two weeks of school.  Advanced notice needs to be given to the school office if you plan to eat in order to secure a school lunch.  Visiting parents should come to the office to check in, receive their visitor’s badge, and instructions on meeting their child for lunch.  Adults will pay for their meal as they go through the line.  We ask parents to purchase a school lunch or bring a sack lunch.  Due to enrollment, some buildings may not be able to accommodate providing lunch for visitors.  Schools will alert parents if this is to occur via the school newsletter.  Students are discouraged from leaving school to go out to lunch.  They are encouraged to either buy a hot lunch or bring a lunch from home, Per Hamilton Southeastern Schools’ policy, outside drinks or commercially prepared/vendor prepared foods, are not permitted during meal time without prior approval by the building principal/designee.  In addition, a background check is required to join a student for lunch.  Visitors should refrain from taking photos of students during lunch due to FERPA privacy.  Once the lunch period is complete, visitors should return immediately to the office rather than visiting the child’s classroom.
If a child has a severe food allergy, requiring an Epi-pen, emergency medication orders must be signed by a student’s physician each new school year.  Please notify the school of any food allergies or dietary restrictions of specific foods for your child.  For ingredients of daily meals please refer to the Food Service page on the website
All milk allergies must be reported to the school nurse.  A written doctor’s statement must be submitted every year.  A carton of milk is included with the price of a school lunch.  All students must take a milk carton unless we have a written note from a physician stating your child has a milk allergy.  The school has water and juice to offer these students.  For safety, we ask parents to refrain from sending in beverages that are in glass containers or are carbonated.  Colas are prohibited.
In accordance with the HSE Wellness policy and procedure, the need for a classroom snack will be determined on an individual classroom basis by the building principal.  In the event that snacks are allowed, each student should bring a snack for him/herself only.  With the large number of food allergies in schools today, the building principal, school nurse, and nurse coordinator will determine if snacks are not possible for classrooms or entire grade levels for the safety of all students.  In these cases, an alternate option can be offered.

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