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Academic Policy


REPORT CARDS—Report Cards of student progress will be available for review through Skyward every nine weeks for students in grades kindergarten through four.  Related Arts classes: Art, Music, and Physical Education record grades one time per semester.  Report Cards can be discussed with teachers during family conferences at the end of the first nine weeks. 
GRADING SCALE—A district-wide grading scale was adopted by the Hamilton Southeastern Schools on October 12, 2009.
A+       100                              C+       77-79
A         93-99                           C         73-76
A-        90-92                           C-        70-72
B+       87-89                           D+       67-69
B         83-86                           D         63-66
B-        80-82                           D-        60-62
                                                F          59 and below

CONFERENCES—Communication between families and teachers is vitally important to the academic achievement of each student.  Scheduled family conferences will be held in the fall. Please call the school office if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher at any other point in the school year. We can help arrange a conference. We encourage families to take an active role in requesting student information.  Please feel free to call the classroom teacher to see how your child is doing.
STANDARDIZED TESTING—Students in grades three and four will take standardized tests during the school year.  These tests measure a student’s achievement at the time of testing.  The ILEARN test will be administered to grades three and four as mandated by law.  Grade three students will also take the State IREAD-3 test.  Students that are designated as English as a New Language learner will be administered the WIDA test annually.
Results of these tests are furnished to parents for their information.  Please keep in mind that achievement tests are not absolute in their results.  Various factors may alter the validity of the scores.
Participation in hands-on science is important to learning science, and students are encouraged to participate in dissection activities that are part of the curriculum.  Schools will provide alternative activities for students who have objections to animal dissections. 

CLASSROOM PROCEDURES FOR DISSECTION ACTIVITIESWhen dissection is used in the classroom:  Teachers will thoroughly explain the learning objectives of the lesson; All specimens will be treated with respect; All students will be informed prior to the dissection that they have the option of discussing individual concerns about dissection with their teacher; Upon completion of the dissection, the remains will be appropriately disposed of as recommended by the local board of public health.

PROCEDURES FOR STUDENTS REQUESTING AN ALTERNATIVE TO DISSECTIONWhen dissection is part of the curriculum, schools will provide alternative activities for students who object to dissections.  Expectations for student learning is the same for students who participate in dissections and those who opt for an alternative to dissection. The procedure and expectations for a student requesting an alternative to dissection is as follows:  At least one week prior to the dissection activity, a student’s parent or guardian will submit in writing a request for an alternative to dissection; The teacher will determine an acceptable alternative to dissection and will specify in writing what is expected of the student. Alternative to dissection activities will allow students to gain the same content knowledge as a dissection activity and will require a comparable investment of time and effort by the student; The student will complete the alternative activity within the assigned time and will be expected to learn the same content knowledge as if the student performed the dissection activity; The student will be subject to the same course standards and assessments as other students in the class.

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Hamilton Southeastern Schools, as a forward-thinking school district, provides excellence in education and opportunities to ensure the success of each and every student, to become a responsible citizen and to positively influence an ever-changing world community.

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